Increase Production without Hiring More Staff

Today's AI systems have never been more accepted and flexible with unprecedented quality. No longer do you need expensive and unpredictable call centers to scale your business.

How it Works


We Train Your Agent

It all starts with our prompt engineers who review transcripts, rules and documentation to understand how your agent needs to handle calls.


Fine Tuning and Testing

We further align the model via a series of test calls and conversations to understand the parameters and limits of handling conversations. This will include you QA team to confirm the agent is prepared.


Upload and Integrate Data

VAgents are trained to both make outbound calls and handle inbound calls. If you have a list of customers with proper consent to contact you will upload to the platform and assign segments across your agent team.


Campaign Design

The VAgent flow builder is used to create the cadence, set the rules and define the goals for each campaign. This will include strict adherence to best practices for compliance and deliverability.


Launch Campaign

Once your agents are trained, lists are approved, and your campaign is designed, you are ready to launch your campaign.


Add More VAgents

Once you experience the quality of VAgents you will want to add more agents the appropriately scale your production.

More features...

Warm Transfers with Data Posted

To ensure the highest quality customer experience, your VAgent will send all relevant data collected ahead of the transfer.

PII Redacted Call Recording

To protect the privacy of customer data and for compliance purposes, calls are recorded with PII removed from the recordings.

DNC & Compliance Detection

VAgent’s compliance and monitoring intelligence understands semantic intent as well specific DNC related language.

*White-Gloved Prompt Engineering

For a limited time, every client receives white-gloved custom prompt engineering for their VAgent to provide the highest quality training.

Lowest Latency Human Voice

The latency or delay between customers and VAgents is the lowest in the industry providing a superior experience.

Robust API & Webhook

Integrate your VAgent with thousands of Dialers, CRMs, and CCaaS solutions.